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Start your own program

Please, do yourself and your body a favor. See this as a 'no regret' experiment and experience the benefits of increased health:
• You can be more healthy than you realize. Most people feel the thankfulness of their body within one or two weeks.
• And your blood markers will confirm your health progress soon thereafter.
• Satisfaction guarantee: If you are not satisfied, you will get your money back.

We mostly focus on helping people locally. In which case we start with a face to face education workshop on the what and how regarding: creating your own health improvement program.

Still, with the help of Dr Vale we have created an eCoaching alternative for others world wide. Our main instruments are then: phone based health coaching on explicit health targets in your online dashboard.

We start with a free ‘get to know each other’ intake, which will also tell you if there is the right chemistry and motivation to make this a success.

Next, if you decide to proceed, we provide a start up package and schedule our first coaching session. For most people, this approach works quite well, regardless of differences in time and place.

The start up package gives you:
• Access to and support from extensive scientific knowledge on health and cancer.
• Your own health coach.
• Your first, extensive, health coach session.
• Health program tutorials to get you started fast.
• Various supporting materials.
• Your personal health progress dashboard.
• One year membership to our secure health support environment.

Our standard approach is a six-months Health Coach Program, costing 1000,- Euro. The first month has an intensive start and then we shift to monthly coaching.

Contact us to see what we can do for you: info@onco-coach.org or +31(0)70 250 0205.

Besides, we conduct ‘in company’ programs for cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes and obesity patients, because of the health benefits that can be achieved. Various employers are ready to support their employees in this regard, by reimbursing the costs in part or in whole. We will gladly discuss the options with you.

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