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Other Health Benefits

Beside the prevention benefits from following the World Cancer Research Fund (Expert Report 2007), there are some additional benefits you may experience:

Fatigue is primarily caused by your immune and recovery systems working overtime. This is also why chemo- and radio therapy cause more long-term fatigue than surgery: there are more damaged cells to repair. One year after treatment, on average 60% of cancer patients still experience heavy fatigue on a daily basis. Healthy sleep practices can help, but so can exercise, supporting foods and help in relieving emotional stress. We provide advice to help raise your energy levels.

About 10% of cancer patients are seriously depressed. This is partly caused by its grim impact on life and by disturbing one’s trust in one’s own body. Another part of the cause appears to be more systemic however. Cancer patients on average have lower omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid ratios in their blood. This impairs nerve system health and raises depression risks. Restoring the omega-3 to omega-6 balance, high nutrient foods, aerobic exercise and actively using social support are all shown to be effective treatments for depression and they are all part of our program.

Increased weight is linked to increased cancer risk. Partly because both share the same causes (food with high energy density and low nutrient density, lack of exercise). Partly because increased body fat stimulates a chronic low-grade inflammation, which in turn promotes cancer. And partly because high blood levels of fatty acids stimulate cancer growth and metastasizing. Most people rapidly move to a healthier weight with our program. And if you are obese or overweight, we can help you lose weight extra effectively with a few targeted modifications.

Hypertension is generally a sign of arteriosclerosis or atherosclerosis, in other words: beginning cardiovascular disease. Our program helps lower blood pressure in many participants. For hypertension patients, we provide some specific attention points for safety and extra effectiveness. Please consult with your physician before starting the program.

Heart Disease
In many Western countries, heart disease and cancer are competing for first place as ‘the main cause of death’. They have similar causes. And cancer patients have about 30%-40% increased cardiovascular risk and vice versa. In the past decades, we have learned that heart failure is not a matter of ‘normal aging’ or wear and tear. It is caused by progressive arteriosclerosis. Healthy lifestyle helps in keeping this process at bay.

High blood sugar is a predictor for increased cancer risk, independent from weight (which is also a risk factor). The number of diabetic people has grown steadily over the past decades and about one third of diabetics do not even know yet that they have it. (We mean age-onset or type II diabetes, which is insulin-independent.) Cancer patients have about 30% to 40% increased risk of developing diabetes. Type II diabetes is partly caused by high glycemic load (for example sugar), low fiber and high fat food patterns. Healthier eating and daily physical activity will help your sugar on track.

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