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Jul 2012: In KWF call Nutrition and Cancer

By now the dust has settled. In May and June we worked very hard on an ambitious research plan for prostate cancer patients for the KWF call Nutrition and Cancer. The research proposal was created and submitted together with several top academics in the Netherlands. With many thanks for the joint efforts!


The project plan aims to research lifestyle impacts as well as eCoach innovations. Lifestyle includes nutrition, physical activity and stress management. Regarding nutrition the American Cancer Society updated guidelines (2012) are used. And for physical activity the TNO guidelines. Various impacts will be measured, for example on blood values and tumor progression. The eCoaching innovations rest on two pillars. First: What makes people more effective in their health self-management? And second: Can we extend the current eCoaching with Artificial Intelligence, such that successful forms of face to face coaching can be automated? And become available 24x7 hours per day in the future?




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