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Dec 2011: HCP in ANBO Magazine



The Anbo (Algemene Nederlandse Ouderenbond voor 50-plussers) sees a lot of potential in the Health Coach Programma® for its members, and provides a nice overview of the program in its magazine for December 2011.


Main text:


The title of the article is: ‘Healthy Aging... This is how!’ (in Dutch ‘Gezond oud worden… Dat doe je zó!’)


It describes the four main pillars of the Health Coach Program®: food, exercise, stress management and social contacts. And what the ANBO readers can do themselves to improve their health and wellbeing. It is important to adopt the four pillars of the programs in coherence. And to integrate your activities in your own life and personal preferences. This is the focus of our coaching and also the foundation for the long term health benefits.


We are very grateful for this beautiful ANBO article! It can be downloaded here.


Background information:


Dr Ir Luuk Simons holds a 1 day/week position as eHealth researcher at the EWI department of Delft University of Technology and the TRANS Academy, a cooperation between Delft University, TNO and KPN.


Support from Ohra/CZ to a large project at Delft University in 2011: http://www.cz.nl/%7Ba9b02ffa-ca28-4e12-878f-8f1123740338%7D/%7B168a698a-873d-4e4e-9995-962bafb6f8c6%7D



TEDx Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukK-4UR3eRc  

TU Delft eHealth Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hPATbsSUfE  


Link to Delft University of Technology Press Release


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