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Feb 2011: Luuk Simons invited speaker TEDx


Luuk Simons is an invited speaker at the TEDx Maastricht event on Monday April 4th 2011. The title of the talk is ‘From Disease Management to Lifestyle Management?’ On the one hand he will talk about the lessons from successful aging research and lifestyle medicine for our personal well-being. On the other hand he discusses how the doubling of our health care costs in the coming decade, to 16.000,-Eur per working Dutch person, will become unsustainable. He shows empirical data on how employer-driven lifestyle programs can significantly improve our health and bend the cost curve.


Further details:

Link to TEDx Maastricht for the program and Luuk Simons’ TED talk.


Luuk Simons is founder of Cancer Health Coach, of the Health Coach Program, and of www.onco-coach.org. He also holds a part time position at Delft University of Technology and its TRANS Academy innovation cooperation with TNO and KPN. He is a QFD-certified innovator and Affiliate of TNO.

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