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Four things to do, when you know you have cancer

1. Learn about your health

Dealing with cancer may wear you out. Healthy lifestyle can help you stay more fit throughout the process. Better eating, physical activity, sleeping and relaxing techniques can help you cope better.

2. Work on your health

What you do today matters. It helps if you improve your health behaviors, since in that way you start supporting your body and yourself. The World Cancer Research Fund advises cancer survivors to follow the same health advise as those wanting to prevent cancers. Among other things they advise to eat seriously more fruits, vegetables and other fibrous foods, as well as being physically active, having a healthy weight and being moderate with alcohol.

3. Find a health coach

Please find a health coach that works for you. A health coach will speed up your process of coming into action and will advice you on the most powerful actions to take. With a coach, you will stay more focused on achieving results. And it is simply more motivating to do it together.

4. Track your progress

Even though cancer is actually a family of over 200 different diseases, over the past decade several generic biomarkers for cancer have been discovered. They are indicative of cancer risk and we can monitor their progress as you become healthier. Actually, we track your progress in two ways: via your behaviors and via your biomarkers. Depending on the marker, the latter are expected to reflect the results of your improved behaviors within a period of several weeks to months.

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