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Why Onco-Coach

We offer you the following:

1. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We care deeply about providing high quality support. Every few sessions we ask you for a satisfaction rating. If you are not satisfied with our support, in coaching or supporting materials, please let us know immediately. We will do our best to find a satisfying solution. If not, you will get your money back from your subscription or the session(s) you found unsatisfactory.

2. You can change or cancel your subscription any time
You can upgrade or downgrade your coaching intensity at any time, free of charge. You can stop at any time and we will refund any remaining credits.

3. Telephone-based option: maximum flexibility & no traveling
Most programs ask you to come in their office or clinic at a specific time per week or month. Our program is set up for maximum flexibility. You can schedule sessions outside of office hours if you want. And you don’t lose time traveling.

4. Seamless integration with your own medical care providers
Your regular medical care providers remain in charge of all medical matters. Our program is simply a health improvement addition. Please do consult your physician about your participation in the program. To keep them informed, Onco-Coach mails monthly progress reports to your physician(s) of your progression and action items for the next month. In your support package, you will receive a brief explanation of the program

5. Tutorials to get you started Fast
Learning about cancer causes and risk factors is really important, but should not keep you from moving forward. Thus, we provide brief tutorials with all the essentials regarding the program’s target values. This will help you in getting started fast.

6. Supporting materials
First, you need to gain insight into the lifestyle causes of cancer, and what you can do to improve your chances. After that, it is at least as important to move into action. Hence we provide a very action-oriented support package: What will you do on day 1? What to achieve in the first week? And we provide specific support modules per lifestyle factor: nutrition, exercise, stress management and social support.

7. Your personal progress dashboard and reports
You have your own dashboard with progress indicators. This regards health behaviors (nutrition, exercise etc) as well as health outcomes (like blood values, weight, reduced medication). Every session we review the progress with you. Based on the sessions, progress reports are sent to you and your care providers.

8. State of the art HEALTH science
Fighting disease (especially cancer) is a very complex business. Traditional medicine is stretching the boundaries of science to learn about optimizing the various medical treatments. The advantage of this approach is also the drawback: with a high treatment focus, the view on the overall health of the patient gets less attention. The extensive literature on how nutrition, exercise or social and mental health influences health outcomes gets less than 20 hours of attention in the average medical education is the US. In that sense, the medical sciences have become largely disconnected from the health sciences. Still, the health sciences can offer us help.

9. International board of experts
The target values and protocols we use are based on international health sciences best practices. They are reviewed regularly by members of our International Board of Experts.

10. Long term health benefits and quality of life
The program we offer has broad health benefits and it helps you enjoy your life more. It raises your protection against cardiovascular disease, diabetes (type II), obesity, fatigue, sleeplessness and depression. Virtually all participants find life richer and more rewarding afterwards.

The program is not a temporary fix, it teaches you how to age successfully. This means that you stay healthy longer and enjoy the days more that you have left on this planet. Some even find that they become better persons, simply because they feel better and have become more relaxed and forgiving.

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Cancer Health Coach does not provide medical advice. We provide health information. Consult your care providers.