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Health Coach Program In-Company

Since 2009, we offer 'in-company' support to improve the health of employees.

The reason is that there is overlap between the advice of the World Cancer Research Fund (more fibrous foods, active lifestyle etc) and other health advice, for example for the prevention of cardiovascular disease or diabetes-2.

So on the one hand the WCRF 2007 Expert Report advice offers an important basis for cancer prevention and health promotion in cancer survivors.

And on the other hand, healthy lifestyle offers improved blood pressure, blood cholesterol (and most significantly the 'bad' LDL cholesterol), inflammation markers, weight and fitness.

And it has as a positive side effect: improved mood and mental fitness. See www.deHealthCoach.org if you are interested in learning more about the options for your organization. Or Contact us.

Exploring cancer causes

There are few domains as complex as the connections between nutrition, lifestyle and cancer.

The more broad recommendations (stop smoking, maintain a healthy weight, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, be physically active etc) are gradually becoming known to most people.

And at the same time, research is ongoing related to the underlying mechanisms of action. For the interested reader we have listed several of the mechanisms which are being researched: 

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Gourmet cooking for vibrant health

Really healthy cooking can also be really tasty. Many Asians have cooked healthily for centuries.

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Cancer Health Coach does not provide medical advice. We provide health information. Consult your care providers.